5 reasons to come to Huaraz

During the rainy season

Huaraz during the rainy season

Do you know that walking closed to Huaraz during the rainy season could be a fascinating experience?


The questions are always the same: Is it possible to do a Trekking in Huaraz during the rainy season? Is the rain an obstacle to walk for a few days in the mountains? Is it safe to walk in the rainy season? How is the mountain weather in Huaraz from October to April?


The truth is that in the mountain regions of Peru exist two seasons very well delimited: the wet and the dry one. The dry season in Huaraz is from May to September, with a warm tropical weather with an average temperature between 16.6°C during the daytime (maximal of 25 °c) and 12.6°C during the night. The difference of temperature with the rainy season is of 2 degrees less, with some very warm afternoons when the sun comes out.


Sky colors of the rainy season


During the rainy season, the mornings are very clear, with white clouds that contrast the intense blue sky, and as the time goes on, clouds from the east side of the White Range start showing up, and rains begin usually from 2 to 4 p.m. Between these hours a small storm hits and it can last some minutes or some hours and then comes the calm again. Long rainy days or evenings are weird.


White Range Rainy Season

December morning in Huaylas Valley, took at 1:00 p.m.


In this way, the rainy season could be the most beautiful time of the year to undertake a trekking in the surroundings of Huaraz or the White Range and here you will find good reasons to try it:


  1. In the rainy season, the grass turns from brown – yellow to green color, flowers of yellow, purple, red, orange colors, start growing from the plants, trees and grass, creating a landscapes of incomparable beauty.
  2. The perpetual glaciers of the White Range cover of fresh snow, so pure and intense white 5000 or 6000-meter peaks, can be appreciated along the valleys.
  3. Beautiful green fields prosper all around and the farmers feel pleased and blessed by their Apus: the Mountains.
  4. It is the best season to enjoy the peaceful of the mountains with few visitors in the trekking routes and campsites.
  5. The prices of the touristic services are lower, so it is possible to travel with a reduce budget.

Here you will find some tips to make your hike in the rainy season a safe and pleasant experience.

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Huaraz in the rainy season



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5 reasons to come to Huaraz in the rainy season


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