White Range

National Park Huascaran

Towards the east of the Huaylas valley, we find the Cordillera Blanca. In this branch of the longest mountain range on the Earth, the Andes, lie the highest tropical snow-capped mountains in Peru and the world.



Hidden Treasures:




Alpamayo Peak Cordillera Blanca PeruNATIONAL PARK HUASCARAN


The protected area was established in 1973 and covers 340,000 hectares in the White Range. It was placed on the World Natural Heritage List by UNESCO in 1975. There are more than 660 snow-capped mountains, including Huascaran the highest tropical peak of Peru and the world. Other famous mountains are Alpamayo, which won a prize for the most beautiful mountain in the world, and Pastoruri a glacier with easy access for visitors. The National Park Huascaran also has more than 300 lakes, wildlife species, like spectacular bears, condors, vicuñas, deer, pumas, Andean foxes, vizcachas (wild rabbit) and endemic Andean birds highly regarded by birdwatchers around the world. Quenoal tree (Polylepis SP) and Puya de Raimondi are the most emblematic flora.




Outdoor activities

Official guides for treks

Trekking Circuits: Santa Cruz, Alpamayo Full Loop, Janya – Mullaca, Quilcayhuanca – Cojup, Olleros – Chavin, Ulta Valley. Full day lakes: Lake 69, Churup, Uruscocha, Llaca and Parón.

Biking descents: Parón Lake – Caraz, Portachuelo de Llanganuco – Yungay, Pashpa – Parihuanca, Pitec – Wilkawain – Huaraz, Huascaran Full Loop

High Mountaineering: The most famous mountains to climb are: Pisco, Huascaran, Ishinca, Vallunaraju, Tocllaraju, Chopicalqui, Artesonraju.



Ski descent from Vallunaraju PeakSki and snowboard: A great altitude challenge for the most extreme.

Rock climbing: Sphynx of Paron, Llaca Valley and Rurec big wall


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