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Huaraz in the rainy season




Good practices

Driving sustainable tourism in Peru, Infinite Adventures requests to the personnel and clients to keep respect for the nature and for the local communities.

For the nature:

  • Take all your garbage. Do not leave in the local communities.
  • Ask for the location of the public latrines or toilets, or use a discreet place for this purpose.
  • Burry the toilet paper or burn it.
  • Do not make bonfires, we count with little firewood and in the dry season it is easy to provoke fires.
  • Help to protect the nature and do not maltreat the fields or archeological sites.

For the local communities:

  • Do not disturb the communities, try to arrive quietly.
  • Do not walk with naked torso in the communities.
  • Always ask for permission to get into a house or to take pictures, do not go without consent.
  • Ask for the price of the services and pay the total alter they have accepted.
  • If you drink alcohol, do it with moderation and avoid aggressive situations.
  • Be kind and patient, they don’t understand our language and culture, like we don’t know theirs.
  • Do not give medicines or sweets, this could affect their health.


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Peru: +51979191285
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