Huallanca Range

Ancash - Peru

Huallanca Range Ancash PeruFew things are more gratifying than exploring the most pristine corners of Ancash. Just 2 hours south of Huaraz is Chiquian, also known as “piece of the sky”, Chiquian is a natural balcony from which to the southeast can be observed the Cordillera Huayhuash, and to the northeast the Cordillera Huallanca.




In front of Chiquian is the gentle town of Huasta, a tranquil dairy town with abouding nature, waterfalls, archeological site “Rarapunta”, and lovely colonial church and plaza.



Pachapaqui or Huasta mark the trailheads of one of the lesser known and most beautiful trekking routes in all Ancash. The route has many attractions, such as Wilcacocha, which in Quechua means “hidden drawer”, a clandestine lagoon whose grandeur is simply impossible to describe in text. Also along the trail are hidden pastoral farmhouses, the beautiful Contaycocha lagoon at 4122 meters, and the Collota Canyon, whose dimensions, profundity and beauty make it one of the region’s most exotic sites. Its towering walls nearly reach the river’s fjord and convert back into the path for an epic adventure. The reward for the trek i also something special. Awaiting you are the thermal hot springs of Conoc, the hospitality and traditional cuisine of Pomapata, and the trail’s end in Quero, a portal town to Huayhuash. The Cordillera Huallanca is the option for travelers interested in less commercial, less explored routes, inviting not only beautiful trekking circuits but also contributing economically to local business. It’s a must see destination on the traveler’s agenda.

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