Huayhuash Range

Ancash - Peru

HuayhuashThe Cordillera Huayhuash is a spectacular cluster of 20 major snowy peaks, stretching 30 km long in the Peruvian Andes. It lies 50km south of the Cordillera Blanca and approx 360 km from Lima. At its highest point stands Yerupajá at 6634 m, Peru’s second highest mountain after Huascaran. Huayhuash is the location of Siula Grande, the scene of the famous and harrowing “Touching the Void” climbing adventure, which is one of the peaks seen on this trek. This is the ultimate way to see the stunning Huayhuash Mountain Range. The trail starts in the village of Quartelwain and finishes in Llamac, taking you in a loop that passes at the feet of these majestic mountains. On the way you will visit the most beautiful lakes of Huayhuaysh, Jahuacocha and Carhuacocha, and pass under the impressive 6000m+ peaks of Yerupaja and Jirishanca. It’s possible to take a glance at Jurau Lake from San Antonio view point and also the peaks of Siula, Diablo Mudo, Sacras and Rasac. The Cordillera Huayhuash was only recently declared a ‘Reserved Area’ by the Peruvian government in 2002 and was previously unprotected. There are many villages dotted around the mountain range and in the dry season you’ll see farmers from villages on the edge of the Huayhuash bringing their livestock to graze here in its green pastures. The communities have converted their commonly owned land into private protected areas, which they manage themselves and charge a small fee for tourists to camp and pasture their donkeys. Infinite Adventures offers several options for this classic route from 3, 8 to 13 days. Those who would like to relax for a day by the Jahuacocha lake, explore Solteracocha Lake and walk less hours per day, should choose the 9-13 day trek options. The full trek around the entire range is 163km of challenging but exhilarating hiking (4-8 hours a day depending on your choice), where you will tackle several 5000m passes which connect sharp mountains and descend into valleys where azure lakes lie waiting to be discovered.


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