Rainy Season Tips


Recommendations for a safe trip during Huaraz rainy season:


  1. Start walking from 6 to 8 a.m. and try to arrive to the next campsite before 2 p.m.
  2. Set your tent as soon as you get to the campsite
  3. Do not camp in the shores of the rivers, but search for a good place to get water easily, like a small stream.
  4. You can set your tent onto a plastic protection to avoid floods.
  5. Keep all your dry clothes and sleeping bag in plastic bags inside you backpack.
  6. Use if it possible a 4-season tent.
  7. Do not forget to take the cover of your tent and tense it well with the pickets. Do not open the external windows but avoid condensation inside your tent by opening the interior zippers.
  8. Do not use your feather jacket while you are walking in the rain and keep it inside a plastic bag inside your backpack, because it won’t get dry. It is better to use your polar fleece and a rain jacket. If you wouldn’t have a rain jacket, you could take a poncho. It is also much better if you also wear water proof pants.
  9. It is better to use a gas stove, so you can cook inside your tent when it starts to rain (Doite gas tanks are available in Huaraz). Be careful when you move inside your tent, you could drop water or food on your sleeping bag or matress. For this situations it is better to avoid MSR or Primus, unless you have a dry area outside of your tent.
  10. Do not forget the water proof protection of your backpack.
  11. Keep your trekking boots or shoes inside the tent, not in the vestibule.
  12. Make sure you take enough dry clothes to change when you get to the campsite.
  13. Take sandals to walk around the campsite (Teva or Reef are recommended).
  14. Use trekking poles, it will help you to walk in the slippery parts.
  15. Walk in places where there is less risk of landslides. There are safe places in the surroundings of Huaraz City.
  16. If you don’t have enough experience contract a local guide or a tour operator that could organize everything for you
  17. Here you will find the whole list of what you need to take
  18. Here you find tips for a good acclimatization.


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